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We need to talk

A 4 part series having a conversation about challenging topics, bringing them out into the open. We're not going to give you all the answers, solve all the problems or even cover every aspect. We just want to spark a conversation and get people talking about it...

Jesus said "_____________"

Talking about the things Jesus said, what He did and how He lived his life. Breaking down the stereotypical view of Jesus and teaching what the scriptures really say about his lifestyle and attitude to those he met.

What the more is for

'Living For More' is our church tagline because it summarises our purpose as a community. This sermon series encourages us to look beyond our personal and immediate satisfaction, to the greater purpose of our lives and to find our 'more', our reason for living and our purpose in life.


A 7 week series exploring ways that we can live the life God has promised. We will discover that God has empowered us to be everything that He wants us to be.