The Church is not a building but a gathering of God’s people. We’re called to show His love to the world through His power. We believe that Life Church has a part to play in that and to help us do that we are going to be relocating our Sunday services to a bigger venue, starting on Sunday 10th September 2023.

Whilst this is an exciting prospect, any change can feel daunting! We’ve put together some ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ below, which we hope will help you to understand what we are doing and why.

If there is a question that you have that we’ve not answered, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly, or speak to a member of the team on a Sunday.


When will we be moving?

Sunday 10th September! On this Sunday we will be having our normal morning service at Avanti Gardens at the usual time of 10:30am. We will open the doors for refreshments at 10:10am.

How do I get there?

Avanti Gardens is a 1 min drive (or 8 min walk) from the Vassall’s Centre and is close to Fishponds High Street where there are a number of bus connections. We enter via the Sports Hall entrance on Oldbury Court Rd (note: this is not the school reception entrance).

The full address is Avanti Sportshall
62 Oldbury Ct Rd, Bristol BS16 2JG.

Can I volunteer to be part of a team to help this move?

In our move to Avanti we want to see our activities grow along with our church. As such, we’d love to encourage you to be part of a team, serving once a month, if you consider Life Church to be your home.

You can register your interest online or you can speak to a member of the hospitality team at church on a Sunday.

Can I invite family and friends to church?

Absolutely yes! One of the reasons for us to move is so that we can create more space to see people connected, contributing and growing. Often, people may want to come to church but feel nervous to unless they are asked. Who could you invite to church this week?

Why are we moving again?

It’s been amazing to see how Life Church has grown over the last few months since our move to the Vassall’s Centre. Whilst we still believe we need to be in this area of Fishponds at this moment, we want to create more space for people to be part of what God is doing here. The space at Avanti Gardens is our next step, giving us more space to grow and more opportunity to invite others to be part of it, whilst remaining part of this community here.

Avanti Gardens is big - where do I go?

We will be using the sports hall entrance,  which is accessed via Oldbury Court Rd. (Note: this is not the main school reception entrance). When you come through the entrance, bear left to enter the main hall. We will have our flags out so you can find us!

Where do I park?

Avanti has a small car park which is available for team and disabled parking. On-street parking around the venue is free.

Is anything different happening with our children’s work?

Our kids work will continue as it has done with provision for school aged kids during the service and our LCB Tots creche. As you arrive, simply register your children as normal with a member of the team (they will be situated near the entrance) and they will direct you as to where to go.

Is there a creche?

Yes! There will be an area available for pre-school kids to be during the service. Details of this will be available from the kids team and / or the hospitality team when you arrive.

Will the service be live-streamed?

Our service is currently live streamed for anyone who requests the link, with the messages uploaded publicly on the week following. This will continue to be the case and if you would like the link, you can request it from a member of the hospitality or senior leadership team.

Will we meet at Forest Road in the future?

From Sunday 10th September, all our morning services will be at Avanti Gardens until further notice. Our evening meetings will continue at Forest Rd for the time being.

Our Friday Kids & Youth programs will be running from the Vassal’s Centre starting on 15th September 2023.