We want to see everyone connected to the family of God. We want to recognise and encourage everyone to contribute to that. We want to see everyone growing in discipleship to Christ.

Historically, our Life Groups have played a big part in helping us to do that. However, we’ve currently got more people than we have space for in Life Groups. We also recognise the effort that this has required from our current life group leaders.

So, launching in September 2023, we’re going to change things up a bit, for a season as we launch what we are calling Prayer Pods. These are groups of 3/4 people, that meet as often as you like, although we’d suggest at least every other week – to pray together, perhaps connecting through messages and texts much more regularly, to encourage one another and spur one another on.

These will be instead of Life groups, but supported by the leaders and the Pastoral care team. We also plan to supplement these by some whole church gatherings and groups, courses and activities.

You will be able to form your own groups and so we can support you we’d ask that you register your Pod with us. If you are new or don’t know where to start, we will be able to help you get connected and you can contact us to request that.


If you’d like to register your prayer pod or if you need help getting connected with one, click the button below!


What is a prayer pod?

A prayer pod is a group of 3 or 4 people meeting together regularly to pray and grow in discipleship together.

Who is this for?

We’re encouraging all the adults who consider Life church to be their home church to join one.

It’s encouraged that wherever possible you form pods with people of the same gender, but we do encourage mixing ages and life experiences wherever possible as this is often how we grow.

How often will they meet?

We’d recommend at least twice a month in person.

But the great thing is you can send regular messages of encouragement and prayer throughout the week. Perhaps you might want to go through a daily bible devotional together online too?

What will we pray about?

We’d encourage you to pray for one another and the things on your hearts.

We’ll also send out monthly church prayer pointers, so we pray for some things collectively.

How do I get started?

If you have agreed with some others to form a  pod and are ready to go, then you can start by registering your pod online by clicking the button above.

What if someone is new or not sure where to start?

We’d love you to come and speak to us, or click on the link on the registration form that asks for help.

We can make recommendations of possible people to join with. We’d like everyone to be included.

When do we start meeting?

We’d like to give people time to form their pods over the month of September and then look to start meeting in person by the beginning of October.

What support is there for our pod?

We have our pastoral team who offer pastoral support to anyone in the church, this will continue as normal.

We will also have a few people overseeing several pods who can check in once a month to see how things are going.